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FG FAQ (Updated 12/14/2016)

Are the servers clustered?

No, the three servers are not clustered (yet). We do plan to set them up to be clustered in the future, though.

Why not?

There have been bugs that have required clustered servers to wipe, and other things deterring me personally from clustering them. I have nothing against clustering itself, in fact I really like the idea of clustering the servers, it's just not the best idea while it's still in a very buggy state.

Do I gain SP on all FG servers?

Yep! You will gain SP no matter which FG server you're on.

How Often Are New Servers Added?

I add servers when there's a large demand from the community, and when I know adding the new server(s) will not kill the population of other server(s).

Posted by Archimodes 7 months ago

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Marr 7 months ago

This made me chuckle :P Reply