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What do you use in the SE mod?

Hey all,

What are you presently enjoying about Tabula Rasa, the mod that brings Scorched Earth content to The Center and The Island? I ask because I'm going to focus on getting our own SE mod made due to ridiculous circumstances with Tabula Rasa.

Right now, I'm considering adding Wyverns only, which will be tamable and breedable.

Does anyone presently like the SE mod for anything other than Wyverns, or is that basically it?

Posted by Archimodes 7 months ago

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BloodSkin 7 months ago

i use deathworms for exp farming Reply


MjrJackal 7 months ago

Just the wyverns for me. Reply


Marr 7 months ago

Chainsaw. Reply


Marr 7 months ago

Thorny Dragon saddle, he eats meat so easier to heal than the beaver. Also does more damage and assists as a taming mount when you get the damage over 400%.

Wood, Thatch, Fiber and Stone weigh less while being carried by the Thorny Dragon. Wood, Thatch and Fiber weigh only 20% of their usual value, while Stone weighs 50% of its usual value.



Navara 7 months ago

Jerboas as fluffy shoulder pets and deathwurms for the exp. Tamable wyverns. Need alpha wyvrens for milk for when u raise babys. Only SE weapon i used was chainsaw, would be great to keep that in the mod Reply


ADudeWithA_Stik 7 months ago

Flamethrowers, If its a choice between regular or extra crispy, I want extra crispy. Reply


alex 7 months ago

keep mantis its the only way i can solo farm without a whole lot of time wasted Reply


Crusnik 7 months ago

I personally like the dinos and the items you can make in scorched earth. Like the chainsaw and the flaming arrows Reply