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Wyverns plus.

Hey guys! Just wanted to give you a basic run-down on the mechanics you're going to need to know, with the new mod. There will be alot that we just leave for you guys to find out, but I'll list a good amount of info here, to get you started.

This is not an SE mod, it's a wyvern mod. As such, there will be no SE content, other than the wyverns.

All wyverns are tameable by normal means. They prefer argentkibble, but will accept prime meat as well.

All wyverns have modified stats. Even a max level wild wyvern will not have the stats you're used to seeing. Certain stats are severely nerfed, while others are simply different. This was done to justify the fact that wyverns are tameable by normal means, despite being incredibly powerful mounts.

Lightning wyverns are glass cannons, fire wyverns are tanky, and poison wyverns are utility oriented. 

Wyverns are not as powerful as you're used to, but there is a way to make them far more powerful than you're used to seeing, it only requires effort and time. Various gems will be included, and these gems will offer different buffs. 

We're super excited to unveil the new mod! It will add a ton of end game playability and rest assured, wyverns can end up being incredibly powerful, however, it will be difficult to get them to that stage, and you'll probably see only one or two of these super tames per alpha-tribe. 

Feel free to ask any questions, and if I can answer, I will, but remember, some things are secretive at this point, and figuring it all out will be part of the fun. 

Posted by Gorgayle! 7 months ago

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Peocut 6 months ago

Is this bi chance on the other servers? I started playing on the SE and would like to know if this applies to Se wyverns Reply


Archimodes 6 months ago

It will be deployed to the SE server at some point, I'm just making sure bugs are fixed first.