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Two Major Upgrades

Hey all,

Today marks the finalization of two major upgrades:

  1. The connection to the game server(s)
  2. SurvivalBot's connection

With these upgrades, the overall reliability should be much higher both on the server itself and with the bot. One side effect to the upgrades is that I think the "not responding" issues may be resolved now as well.

There is one more upgrade coming, but unfortunately I do not know when that will be. Hopefully I have a good amount of notice before it happens so I can post here.

Please post here in regards to the "not responding" issues we've all seen recently. If you don't experience and had experienced it quite a bit before, please let me know here as well.

Posted by Archimodes 6 months ago

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Archimodes 6 months ago

Final upgrade complete. Reply


Marr 6 months ago

Sweet :)
Exciting stuff. Reply