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Center map Rock Golems?

Is there a chance we can add these bad boys to the Center server?

Would be nice if they spawned on the center floating island or on the volcano islands up north.

Posted by Marr 6 months ago

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DaveSruleS 5 months ago

The amount of Golem saddles we seem to be picking up it seems a waste without them... Reply


Archimodes 5 months ago

Sorry, we're kind of in limbo right now. I'm still trying to figure out how to get SE dinos in and have Wyverns Plus.



Goliath 5 months ago

I think it would be cool to get some of the SE dinos back. Reply


Sick 5 months ago

i agree on geting se dinos on the server! Reply


VinceWade 6 months ago

SE dinos would be amazing on the center map Reply


Archimodes 6 months ago

We've still got the SE void to fill, and a few people now have asked about SE dinos on The Center server. I'm going to watch this thread to see who upvotes it and how everyone feels about it. Reply


Marr 6 months ago

Well, the Golems on the beach was pretty insane. In fact, when I started on FG there were Golems Wyverns and Sandworms on the beach.
Needless to say I died a lot.
I am up-voting this, but if we could somehow keep them from totally ruining new peoples day, that would be great.



Moose 6 months ago

I would love to get some rock golems on the center! Reply