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50x Bi-Weekly Wipe Server


Hop on and play! Go all out, this server wipes weekly so don't hold back. Also, the map will change to a brand new PG Ark each wipe.

All settings will be dynamic - if we all think the settings should change, we will change them and try something else. New mods, etc., will be much easier to test out as well.



PG Arks are buggy and we had too many complaints that people were crashing when loading in. Sorry, we switched to the Island for the more hardcore PvP experience. When PG Arks are a bit more stable we'll definitely be giving it another shot!


Update 2:

The server is now 50x (25x technically, but 50x original Ark values if you don't consider the new 2x defaults). 

There are now rules:

  • 15 min cage limit
  • No boxing in tames
  • No blocking riders
  • No bird suicide bombing
  • No blocking land caves
  • No raiding within the first 24 hours of a wipe
  • All tribes get a 24 hour grace period after being wiped
Posted by Archimodes 6 months ago

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GeekyNarwhal 6 months ago

I think the weekly wipe is a bit to fast, i think every 2 weeks would be much better. Reply


Marr 6 months ago

This sounds awesome :) looking forward to it. I'll start up there for sure after the holidays are over. Reply


Waylow 6 months ago

are all the spwan points saposed to be in the same place. i hoped on there for about an hour and every time i respwaned i was put in roughly the same place. Not sure if thats how it should be or a bug. Reply


Archimodes 6 months ago

Not sure myself. Lots of unknowns on the procedural stuff at the moment. Welcome back btw, haven't seen you for a bit!