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Interesting Problem..

Was able to log on after reset due to mod-mismatch. After playing awhile everything was normal. Was flying right past Triple Crossed base when all sudden i was kicked due to some buffering error? My character died (obviously,was in mid flight) and was able to respawn once logged in. Hopped on another bird and flew to spot where i got Dc'ed, once again i Dc'ed to do "buffer" right near there base. Now as im logging in i get a blackscreen and the "time-out error" and "Network failure message: outgoing reliable buffer overflow" after a minute or so. During black screen i can access global chat but my responses do not go through. After a few attempts i now have sound of water and birds like normal. I have a feeling either my body isnt dead this time (maybe i fell off bird into water?) so i cant load in all their structures?

Any advice is appreciated. Posted in the HELP link but was wondering if any of you had this problem?


Also, my 2 birds are right near Triple Crossed base as well as my body with full mc riot and mc longneck ;)

Posted by iMGabe 5 months ago

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Archimodes 5 months ago

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