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Who's Watching Conan Exiles?

For anyone who has not heard of it, I suggest Googling "Conan Exiles". It's a new survival game that's coming to Early Access very soon, focusing more (seemingly) on actual combat than taming flyers to pick + drop (ala Ark).

Who's watching it? FG will most certainly have a server day one, so I'm curious who's going to check it out and what your thoughts are on it.

Posted by Archimodes 5 months ago

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alex 5 months ago

im down fo sho Reply


DaveSruleS 5 months ago

I know Alex will be so that makes me too Reply


Chrawnik 5 months ago

I cant wait to play it. Reply


coopn8r 5 months ago

Our group will be grabbing this as well. Reply


DaveSruleS 4 months ago

Cant find server :( tried loggin on via server search no [FG] X5 and tried clicking link which opened conan but didnt lead to a server.... Reply