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Sandbox Server?

I'm thinking of turning up another Ark server with the bot on it. This instance, however, would allow a person to get anything they want from the store for free. Levels would be instant 300 like on the 50x, weight would be increased dramatically, and each player would start out with a starter kit. The starter kit would include a metal base, turrets, ammo, armor, weapons, etc. This server would wipe frequently due to the fact that anyone could build a giant base in a matter of hours due to having everything they need at all times.

What do you guys think?

Posted by Archimodes 5 months ago

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Moose 5 months ago

This idea sounds fun, you can make a base trying to employ your best base-building knowhow, then invite friends to break into base and learn how ark-mechanics work in a safer environment that doesn't have days to weeks of your time invested into it.

Another use i can think of is to have a fairer playing ground for events, you can wipe the server and then people have 1-3 hours to find the best ptera they can find and then have a ptera battle to the death, rewards being given on the more permanent servers.

Have you thought of a Survival of the Fittest server that runs during specified times when there are enough entries for a competition? reward being sp or items on another server? Reply