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Death Helper Mod For Center

I think this would be helpful for the server.  I know its on the 100X and not only does it allow you to find your stuff again including your tribemats from what I have seen it allows your stuff to come above ground if use a second time if your stuff is below the surface or your body glitches out.  So its really useful on any server in my opinion.  


Posted by Ember 5 months ago

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thewes123 4 months ago

Only issue is this mod is abused greatly in raiding situations. Dying in enemy base, flying above, grabbing your items, etc. Reply


DaveSruleS 4 months ago

Defo wouldve helped when I got glitched into the lave on skull island... Lost a lotta master craft gear... Reply


Drinkinthepink 5 months ago


Drinkinthepink 5 months ago

It would have been useful for me yesterday when I fell off a mountain literally on the edge of my base and my body straight up disappeared.. however, it seems the fewer the mods the smoother it runs, so not sure if worth