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Cross-ARK For Center/Island/SE

I'd suggest to add Cross-ARK for The Center server.. Removing 100x server, and SE Server. Make Island 5x and SE 5x. ( Exactly Same as Center 5x ). Then enabling Cross-ARK, so players can transfer Characters/Dinos/Items inside Center 5x/Island 5x/SE 5x. This would allow us for removing Wyvern Plus- Mod. Players could choose their own map to play on, and get their own wyvern eggs, SE dinos from the SE server just by transfering there! How cool would be that! 

This was just an  suggestion.. Since i dont see any point on 100x server, since after wipe it stays popped for 2 days, then dies until wipe. </3

Posted by Feederi 4 months ago

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SilentPredator 4 months ago

Not a fan of this, sorry. I've seen some ugly outcomes of crosscluster. I'm just afraid that it will open up to a lot of unnecesary toxicity. I think that if you really want cross cluster then you can make The Island and SE cross cluster and leave Center alone. Reply


Kenzi 4 months ago

Not a fan either. for 1 archi has gone out of his way to make the Wyverns Plus mod. It balances wyverns and gives them a twist without being broke as shit in game. The 100x Server seems to be going fine as its meant to be a troll server and have fun and start over the next week etc. and I dont know how the few SE players would feel if someone comes and transfers and takes over on the SE server etc. Brings a lot more toxic and then brings golems onto all the servers that we are trying to keep them off of. Reply


Chrawnik 4 months ago

I like things the way they are currently, scorched earth gather rates are at a level where i can farm and build as a 1 man tribe and not have to worry or care too much about losing progress later. If the center was connected to a separate SE server i'd agree with you 100% feederi and say it sounds like a great idea. Reply


Feederi 4 months ago
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Senior 4 months ago
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