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Removal of Dragons

I'm not going to go into detail here but the dragons are OP as hell and many believe they need removed. I am one of those many... Our gas dragon can KO a Giga in 1 hit... Where is the challenge in that? As well they are faster than Ichys in the water...crazy fast. So i propose a removal of the mod until we can figure out something else. Thoughts?

Posted by Sako 4 months ago

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Reisyn 4 months ago

Needs to go, its OP as fuck and will ruin endgame. Unfortunately, I don't think the mod maker understands what balance is. Reply


Drinkinthepink 4 months ago

absolutely need to be removed... the little dragons are cute, but a gas dragon can knockout an entire mountain and someone can come behind and just drop meat on everything Reply


JhonnyDavidson 4 months ago

yeah i think it needs to go Reply


Archimodes 4 months ago

The players have spoken. Reply


Crambone 4 months ago

They are absolutely busted late game, if not toned down. Reply


MartinTheMartian 4 months ago

there should be nerfed tbh Reply