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Center Map Jump Puzzle Rewards

This was some amazing fun thing way back when ARK for about a week released this and we got amazing rewards. Then ARK took it away to fine tune it. 

Well we here at FG still offer rewards for finishing the Jump Puzzle that are just as amazing!

How do I get rewards you ask?
Well here are the steps to doing that.

1: Go through and get to the end of the Jump Puzzle!

2: Once at the End in local type !proof

3: Once the Date/time and code pop up on your screen, Screen Shot it.

4: Come back to the website and click HELP at the top

5: Post a help Ticket with Screen Shot and your code for proof that you have completed the puzzle.

We will then verify the code is legit in our Database. Once verified We will come meet you to give you the prize.  

This can be done once every 24 hours and all the above steps must be met in order to provide the necessary proof and to make sure a code does not get used more than once. 

Posted by Kenzi 4 months ago

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thewes123 4 months ago

Hehe! Sunday funday jumpday beezlebub Reply


DaveSruleS 4 months ago

Well thats my sunday gone.... Reply