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100x Island Resource Pillar Poll

There is a resource Pillar that has been labeled in question if it should be considered part of the mountain top rule.  

Its location around 45 50 Ish on the river East of the redwoods near where the 3 rivers meet. Its not a mountain but is very rich in resources.  Do you want us to add it to the no build zones rule?


There is someone built there right now.  We will give you time to move if this passes due to it was not a rule before.

POLL: Add to Rule? (12 votes)
Posted by Kenzi 4 months ago

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mgsgta3 4 months ago

Pillars is a classic building spot, Its not like this is official where the nodes are gone for a long time... Thats like blocking off Kakariko Village for someone playing the legend of zelda. With the ability to instant level a dino so that you can fly across the map in moments and give it tons of weight, AND the fact that their are resources everywhere it is a bit much to add pillars to the restrictions now too, dont you think? Reply