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[POLL] Quetz Rules

Here is an official poll for the rule that was recently introduced without a vote. I apologize for not getting a vote to begin with, I honestly didn't think people would feel passionately in the opposite direction. My mistake! Let's make this official with a community vote.

Boxing Quetzals by every metric is an exploit, and is a bannable exploit on officials. I don't think anyone is really debating that, though, so I'll leave this one at that.

Blocking riders will also very likely be fixed in the next month or two anyway, as they're working on flyer balance presently.

I'll keep the post short as I'm sure you've all seen a lot of evidence in favor of your own opinion.

So, implement the new rule across the entire FG network, or trash it and work something else out to make all 3 clustered servers more cohesive?

POLL: Ban Blocked riders? (75 votes)
Posted by Archimodes 3 months ago

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Ember 3 months ago

Since the votes are so close so far, would it be so bad to keep this rule as its been for each server where Island is blocking not allowed and center allowed?

I know and am in agreement with getting as much on the same level as each other to prevent confusions and to prevent as much glitching and exploits as possible. Reply


Senior 3 months ago

I agree with this, some of the building spots on the center are so outrageous that I think blocking the rider might be appropriate.

Where as the island does not have that much to offer so not blocking the rider might be the best way to deal with that problem.



Archimodes 3 months ago

I've purged all of the off topic flame bait. Keep it on topic or take it offline - this thread is for the Quetz Rules. Reply


DaveSruleS 3 months ago

its like brexit all over again! Reply


Archimodes 3 months ago

As it stands the vote is way too close to enact a new rule. The rule has been removed. Reply