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Vote, All turrets have to have a 5 second warning or higher

Due to the game engine players cannot control when the structures load in.

If tames have a high enough speed, the structures load in when you are already right next to the base.

To reduce the amount of deaths caused by this problem, all turrets should have a 5 second warning system.


Thank You.

Posted by willsaw 3 months ago

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oNo 3 months ago

I'm not willing to compromise the security of my base and I'm certain a lot of other people won't be willing to either to prevent a few accidental deaths when people are flying too low. If you have a fast enough mount that you fly into areas before bases can render then you need to fly higher, not ask for people to adjust their turrets. Reply


Ember 3 months ago

Mandatory timers of 5 +seconds also equal 5 seconds of turrets not shooting while players are raiding. Meaning they just go out of range long enough for turrets to not notice and have 5 seconds to get up to the base to do damage which is super easy to do. Im against this. Reply


guardian 3 months ago

Too many times, i unknowingly fly over a base, or im not hight enough and bam, instagibbed. Its really not fair considering that we can stack hundreds of turrets due to higher rates. Having a mandatory timer, will still prevent raids all the same. Reply


guardian 3 months ago

Wouldn't the turrets still shoot down rockets, the warning is only for player entities no>? IM sure a mod would solve that issue. Reply


willsaw 3 months ago

Both Reply


willsaw 3 months ago

Both would be nice Reply


Reisyn 3 months ago

Is this for the cluster or 100x? Reply