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Faster flyers

So since the flyer nerf and flyer nerf v2 ARK has become a big grind. You dont see anyone flying around anymore except for the few people that use the slow birds. So my question who in the cluster servers would like the classic flyer mod? With restrictions on speed ofcourse.

POLL: Add classic flyers to cluster (44 votes)
Posted by mafio 2 months ago

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Papi 2 months ago

Maybe only ppl that play on the cluster servers should vote? Reply


Bluex 2 months ago

or just 150 Reply


Rockzillah 2 months ago

There are enough servers out there with this mod. I personally would rather wait and continue playing as we are right now.

Wildcard still have a few more phases with flyer updates. Flyers are restricted for a reason. We're just gotten to accustomed to getting from one side of the map to the other in less than 30 seconds. This makes the map larger and better for adventures.

Birds SHOULD be utter shit compared to land dinos. Classic flyers belong on troll servers like the FG x100. If Archi decides to add the mod and bring back classic flyers (even with restrictions) to the clustered servers, I'll look for a new home. Reply


smithy_lad 2 months ago

Why try to change what isn't broken. I think the new cap on speed movement is fine and adds another angle to the game. no more flying everywhere, now you got to think about things more.

As someone previously stated the 100x is an ok place to have the old flyers as that gets wiped every week ppl just raid hard and fast and birds are good for that.

Also surely only ppl that play the servers should get to vote. Reply


Papi 2 months ago

Have nothing agianst it, but then we NEED to have restrictions so we dont get way to fast birds. Reply


mafio 2 months ago

If it's possible to set a cap to certain dino stats it would be good. Like a 250 speed cap on flyers.