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Element Crafting Mod

Hey Guys

Would there be interest in the community to add a Element Crafting mod to 5x Cluster ?

There are a few but this one looks ok

The cost can be adjusted as the default is maybe a little to much element for resources.

Not sure if this mod is something we can add without causing any issues?

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Posted by HappyFarmer a month ago

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MoDerpiN a month ago

i dont mind for this to be added. It will definitely have to be tweaked 30 element would be way to much on default craft. Reply


HappyFarmer a month ago

Yeah that's the idea behind it really, smaller tribes can maybe ally up and do boss fights together, then they able to craft Tek without constantly grinding bosses.

Still a little grind to get resources to make the Element but what isn't grindy in Ark :) Reply


UnashamedLoser a month ago

Hm, this could be a good idea. WOULD make element easier to acquire, BUT it would still require at least 1 run of the bosses to get the engrams you need for crafting. So it pretty much just makes it to where you only have to experience the boss fights 1 time and not have to grind and grind? Reply


UnashamedLoser a month ago

Would also make TEK more attainable for the solo guys as well.