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S+ seems to be Fine.and Hello AGain FG :)

Ive just Come back to Fg over the last few days after having a good 4/5 months away. and was aware of all the problems with the S+ Mod and everyones bases dissapearing etc. 

However ive been playing back on the center again for the last 3/4 days and all my S+ buildings and storage are all still perfectly in tact ??.  i just want to know if there is actually any point in me continuing. like is there going to be  a wipe ??? or will it be  a case of just re installing the mod again "once fixed" so everyones bases come back ??.  like i said ive been logging on and off for the last few days using all S+ and every day its all still there :) 

p.s  archi is it possible to get the Bot back up and running on the center or not ??

cheers LOmax :) 

Posted by Lomaximuss 2 weeks ago

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Kowalski a week ago

Ill have to head back to the center and see if everything of ours came back. Thanks for the heads up. Reply


brando2594 6 days ago

My base on The Center is still poof'd. I'm waiting for FG to wipe, if that's still happening? I sure would like it to :). No servers compare to FG.