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sp problems help!!!

I have been on this server for quite a while and now it is telling me that I have not registerd or I need to link my account.  It will not allow me to link or register because I already am.  Can someone help me please


Posted by Ixzod 2 weeks ago

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Ixzod a week ago

Sorry, I didn't realize my son changed my profile. thanks for your help. Reply


Ixzod 2 weeks ago

Thanks for responding but I don't understand what I need to do. I did not change my steam name, email, or character. Reply


Archimodes a week ago

Your Steam name when you registered and linked your account was "Ixzod". It is now "emu", as can be seen here:

ARK does not report new Steam names when chatting, which makes it impossible for the bot to actually link your Steam ID to your in-game character. Long story short, it breaks everything the bot uses to identify you with your FG account :(



Archimodes 2 weeks ago